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Botox® in Baton Rouge, LA

Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette is the premiere office to perform Botox® injections for the residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as the surrounding area.

We understand how time can slip up on us, and one day we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and only are able to see a small resemblance of the person we once were.

What is Botox®?

As we get older and lose elasticity in the skin, a crease can form leaving a wrinkle that is noticeable even without muscle contraction.

The most common uses for Botox® is smoothing of the facial wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyes (glabella region) and around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet). While Botox® does not get rid of these wrinkles; it helps to soften their appearance.

Botox® blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

How is Botox® Performed?

Botox® injections are extremely simple and often performed on lunch break without patients missing a beat. While the injections themselves are not extremely painful, doctors offer numbing options to ensure comfort.

Normal activity can be followed immediately after the injections. Generally results are seen within a few days after the original treatment and can last anywhere from three months to a year.

About Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette

Plastic Surgery Associates has the experience and certification necessary to provide an exceptional experience for our clients.

Our dedication to education and excellence in our chosen field allows us to be a step above the rest. Whether from Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas, we are glad to serve and help turn back the clock and achieve that youthful appearance once again.

Erase telltale signs of aging and contact us today for your intimate consultation!

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