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Plastic Surgery Associates Announces Use of Revolutionary Treatment Xiaflex®

Introducing Xiaflex®, a revolutionary treatment utilized by Dr. Jeffrey S. Williams of Plastic Surgery Associates in Lafayette, LA. This advanced injection can be used to treat conditions such as Dupuytren’s contracture, a slow-developing hand deformity characterized by knots of tissue. Dr. Williams is one of only two surgeons in the entire Acadiana area offering this treatment.

He has received a great deal of praise from his patients affected by the debilitating hand condition, who have been particularly thrilled with the outcome of their treatment.

One such patient, Lynn Thibodeaux suffers from Dupuytren’s Disease, which can create a challenge when managing large objects or performing certain day-to-day functions. For treatment he turned to Dr. Williams who used the advanced Xiaflex® injection to break down the knotted tissue. Like many of Dr. Williams’ patients, Mr. Thibodeaux was very pleased with the exceptional results.

“About two years after developing Dupuytren’s contracture, my primary care doctor recommended the Xiaflex injection to avoid surgery,” said Mr. Thibodeaux. He described himself as “super satisfied” with the results of the injection, which, after a week of therapy left him with “full access and use” of his hands. “I would very much do the treatment again.”

Dr. Williams is also credited locally in the Acadiana area with being the first reconstructive surgeon to perform the groundbreaking DIEP Flap procedure for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. The sole provider of the cutting-edge procedure in December of 2013, it uses the patient’s abdominal skin and fat to recreate a natural breast, while still preserving the abdominal muscles. The result allows for a faster, less painful recovery period. Additionally, with abdominal muscles still intact, patients experience a lower risk of complications, and are able to maintain long-term core strength.

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