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Plastic Surgery in Opelousas, LA

Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette performs a variety of plastic surgery procedures for the people of Opelousas, LA.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is the replacement, repair, or reconstruction of physical defects or other parts of the body. There are two types of plastic surgery: cosmetic and reconstructive.

  • Reconstructive plastic surgery is a type of surgery needed for people who have physical defects that can prove to be fatal if the surgery is not done soon enough. Reconstructive plastic surgery is not always needed: it can be done just to help enhance a body part.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery is surgery that reforms or reshapes certain body parts mainly to help improve one’s looks. There is not a sense of urgency to this type of surgery.

How is Plastic Surgery Performed?

There are three different ways that plastic surgery can be performed: skin grafts, tissue expansion, and flap surgery.

  • A skin graft is the removal of healthy, unaffected skin from one part of the body and using it to cover the infected skin in another.
  • Tissue expansion refers to the area in the body where skin is stretched to grow extra skin that can help reconstruct that area of the body.
  • Flap surgery requires living tissue, blood vessels and all, to be transferred from one part of the body to another.

About Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette

Feeling unhappy about your appearance creates a negative emotion. These feelings are visible and affect your appearance, which affects how people react to you. The surgeon should inquire about your concerns, priorities and motivations for pursuing surgery, as well as your fears.

Plastic surgery can be a great thing for someone who is otherwise mentally stable, in good health and has reasonable expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Our practice can provide you with high-quality surgery that will make you feel like a new you afterward, so call us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation!

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