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Skin Resurfacing Rejuvenation in Lafayette, LA

The licensed skin care clinicians at Precise Spa at Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette are well-trained in performing skin resurfacing treatment on patients in Lafayette, LA, who want to diminish skin discoloration and smooth out wrinkles to reveal a more youthful and glowing appearance.

What is Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation?

Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation involves different minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures designed to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, restore brightness, and improve the texture and clarity of your skin.

Benefits of Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation

  • Reduces the appearance of the following:
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Other skin conditions

Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation Procedure

Precise Spa is designed to make you feel as relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated as your skin after one of our treatments. We administer a topical or local anesthetic prior to your treatment whenever possible. Some treatments, such as chemicals peels, preclude the use of numbing agents.

The results of your skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments are immediate, although some treatments required a longer healing period before full results are visible. The results can last up to six months or be permanent with a healthy skin care regimen.

Post-treatment, you may have some mild to moderate symptoms. The most common are bruising, swelling, redness, itching, tightness, and tenderness. For our injectable treatments, you may also have slight bleeding at the injection site. These symptoms normally last only 24 to 48 hours. Should you have any other symptoms, or if your symptoms do not disappear after two days, please call our office to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Preparing for Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation

Prior to your procedure we may place you on a pretreatment program during which you will apply special creams, lotions or gels to your skin for a few weeks or longer. You may also be given certain oral medications that you should begin taking prior to your treatment.

Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation Recovery

The best way to take care of your skin after our skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments is to avoid sunlight and wear a sunscreen while you are outdoors. Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature aging, as well as skin cancer.

What Does Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation Cost?

Isn’t it time you invested in you? The total cost of your MedSpa treatments depends on several factors. Because MedSpa services are elective and not covered by your medical insurance, you are responsible for the cost of your procedures. We accept most major credit cards and we also offer several financing options through CareCredit®.

Why Choose Us

Our benefits are more than skin deep:

  • Our MedSpa uses state-of-the-art treatments to get rid of your skin problems painlessly and effectively.
  • Great way to relax and take care of yourself
  • Dedicated patient satisfaction
  • Friendly staff
  • Attention-to-detail

What to Expect During your Consultation

Our MedSpa is an oasis where you can enhance your appearance and soothe your soul with our full range of spa services. During your consultation, you can expect:

  • Discussion of your concerns and goals
  • Explanation of procedure and expected results
  • Customized treatment plan(s)
  • Applicable fees and financing information

Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette offers cosmetic treatments using the latest medical advances to patients in entire Acadiana region, including New Iberia, Abbeville, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, and Monroe. For your private consultation, contact our office today.