After the birth of my three boys, I was interested in plastic surgery but very nervous about negative outcomes. I interviewed several doctors before making a decision about what treatment(s) and which surgeon would be right for me. Dr. Kole put me at ease by describing procedures that I would benefit from and steering me away from those that were not necessary. He listened to and acknowledged my concerns and was thorough with explanations. I also truly valued his in-house surgical center that eliminated the cost and inconvenience of hospital visits. After all of my interviews, I chose Kole Plastic Surgery and my experience has been outstanding. Dr. Kole is a man of his word; he delivers what he promises. His work is excellent and he settles for nothing less than perfection. I am now 46 and my boys are 5, 4, and 4. Three years after my initial visit, Dr. Kole and his wonderful team continue to follow up with me to be sure that I am still looking/feeling great. I recommend Dr. Kole to any and all without a single reservation.

Kristen Lees from Google review May 2014