I’M AMAZED AT HOW GOOD I LOOK AND FEEL. I am a 46 year old man who is pretty much active, good life, good wife great kids but I never felt great about how I looked. I saw a few plastic surgeons for consults and they told me how good they are and where they went to school but never talked about me and my needs and goals.

Then I met Dr Edward Kole- he was courteous, conscientious and just plain nice and explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I had another appointment with my 5th surgeon- thought about my experience with Dr Kole and then canceled the other guy and scheduled with Dr Kole. At the pre-operative meeting we signed all the documents, took some pictures and measurments. At the day of surgery, I went with the wife to his Surgical Center in Southampton and met the Dr again and the anesthesia Dr’s and nurses. I was really surprised and pleased with how everybody was genuinely nice and professional.

The liposuction of my love handles and my abs turned out better than I expected. Even theafter care was great. It hurt a little for a few days but its worth it. I can honestly tell whoever is reading this that I wished I did this 15 years ago. I cant believe ( the wife and her friends too) about how RIPPED I am!! Thanks Dr Kole! Surgery Date :12/15/11

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