I could not be any happier than I am with the breast reduction Dr. Kole performed on me. After years of suffering from back pain and unsightly bra strap marks, I decided to invest in a breast reduction. I  Interviewed a number of surgeons but none impressed me more than Dr. Kole.

He is a highly skilled and compassionate surgeon. From the time of my first office visit to my post op follow up, I was treated with care and respect. All of my questions (tons of them) were answered in a fashion that I was able to understand. I was especially confident with my decision to book my surgery with Dr. Kole when the nurses raved about his skills.

My follow up care was a wonderful experience as well. I received a number of calls from the office checking on my recovery. Dr. Kole called my home as well making it quite clear that if I needed anything, he was readily available. I look better and feel  better since my surgery. I would book any future surgeries with Dr. Kole.

DB Newtown, PA