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Tummy Tuck in Opelousas, LA

If the time has come to improve the appearance and tone of your midsection, trust the experts at Plastic Surgery Associates in Opelousas, LA.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

This procedure is called abdominoplasty in the medical field. By removal of excess fat and loose sagging skin, tightening abdominal wall muscles, the result is a flattened abdomen.

Abdominoplasty is beneficial for adults who were formerly obese and who still have excess deposits of loose skin around the belly. Additionally, women who have had several pregnancies would potentially benefit from tummy tuck to tighten abdominal wall muscles.
The procedure is also ideal for stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise.

How is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

The patient is brought into the operating room and prepped for a tummy tuck procedure.

Before the procedure commences, our surgeon appropriately anesthetizes the patient, which has been explained prior to the patient in great detail by the surgeon.

During the procedure, our surgeon makes a wide excision from hipbone to hip bone, moves the belly button, and contours the skin, muscles, and tissue as necessary.

Drainage tubes may be inserted for a few days post procedure. Once completed and deemed stable, the patient is moved to recovery from the operating room.

About Our Practice

Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette offers patient consultation several days prior to pending procedure.

Our policy is to encourage patients who may use tobacco products to refrain from doing so. This is for a period of 2 weeks before and 2 weeks post procedure. We discuss the details of the procedure, potential complications, side effects, and appropriate follow-up measures. These may include medications, scheduled office appointments, and appropriate lifestyle activities.

Our surgeons receive continuing education in procedural care, so schedule your one-on-one consultation today!


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