Patients in Lafayette, LA, dealing with the effects of Dupuytren’s Disease can turn to Darrell L. Henderson, MD for the most advanced treatments and procedures to relieve pain and make daily functions easier.

Dupuytren’s disease occurs as a resulting of thickening of the skin of your palm. Men over the age of 40 experience the condition most often, but the condition can affect anyone. The cause of Dupuytren’s disease is unknown.

How Do I Know If I Have Dupuytren’s Diseases?

Patients who are diagnosed with Dupuytren’s disease usually present themselves with specific symptoms. These symptoms often include firm lumps and pits in the palm area of the hand. Thick cords may also be present extending into the fingers. One of the first signs of Dupuytren’s disease is the inability of patients to place the hand flat against a surface. Patients who notice any of these symptoms should call our office today to schedule their initial evaluation for Dupuytren’s disease.

At the onset of Dupuytren’s disease, patients do report discomfort. Oddly enough, this discomfort tends to resolve itself and the disease is not painful beyond the initial stages. It is, however, a very debilitating condition that can cause increased difficulty in completing day-to-day activities such as washing and shaking hands. Some patients also develop unsightly and extremely bent fingers. If you think you may have Dupuytren’s disease, call our office today to schedule a consultation. The earlier treatments are applied, the greater the likelihood of success!

What Treatment is recommended for Dupuytren’s Disease?

Patients with mild cases of Dupuytren’s disease may only require continuous medical observation. More severe cases of the disease can be treated with injections, needle aponeurotomy, or surgery. Your physician will individualize a treatment plan based on the progression of the disease and discuss medical options with you during your consultation.

What Happens After My Treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease?

Physical therapy and braces are recommended for most patients. Because Dupuytren’s disease tends to occur in certain populations, patients may experience a recurrence of the condition.

What Does Treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease Cost?

We accept most insurance including workers’ comp. The total cost of your hand and wrist operation depends on several factors. After your consultation appointment, we give you a total cost that includes anesthesia, pre- and post-operative care, and other associated costs. We also offer financing through CareCredit®. To learn more call our office today.

Why Choose Darrell L. Henderson, MD

  • We are the premier providers for reconstruction in Lafayette.
  • Our team of surgical experts are highly qualified to perform a number of different reconstruction procedures.
  • We offer a personalized and individualized treatment approach.

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What to Expect During your Consultation

We believe exceptional patient care is a right, not a privilege. Several areas will be covered during your consultation, including:

  • Your medical history
  • Discussion of your concerns and goals
  • Explanation of procedure and expected results
  • Customized treatment plan(s)
  • Applicable fees and financing information

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